We Look at Challenges as Opportunities


For over 15 years, our clients and partners count on RAS Capital Partners to enhance their corporate journeys through leveraging our unique experience, judgment and robust network across a wide range of corporate conditions, financing challenges, and industry segments, as both principals, and advisors. 



our mission

RAS Capital Partners is a private, merchant banking platform, initially formed in 2002, providing long-term capital and strategic advice to family-owned and entrepreneurial businesses. 

Our mission is to cater to, and fulfill, the unique needs of our family office, private investor, and founder clients and partners who gain our trust based on our commitment to integrity, dedication, creativity, and excellence in what we do. 

Our priorities are to provide unbiased, useful, effective advice, empower the journey of our partners, and the proper capitalization required to actualize their dreams and missions, to augment the legacies of passion, wealth, and brands of those we collaborate with.